Personalized protection for your aviation assets.

Owning, operating and maintaining a private aircraft requires extensive oversight, which is why we specialize in making things easy and seamless for our clients. Most aircraft owners have more valuable uses for their time than managing the details, which can include managing trip expenses, maintenance, pilots, fuel, hangar storage, insurance, keeping up with regulatory issues and even keeping the airplane clean. 
  • One exclusive single point of contact 24/7: one phone call to your dedicated flight department takes care of friendly, personalized service.
  • Complete trip coordination: when you want to go, you just let us know. We will have the crew, catering, airplane in position and standing by.
  • Accurate billing and administrative reporting: our accountants make sure you have all of the detailed information you need in a timely basis.
  • Strong and consistent charter revenue based on our years of experience and industry relationships.
  • Cost-effective solutions for fuel pricing, crew training, insurance, maintenance, and ownership support.
  • Safety and security are built into everything we do: as a Part 135 charter operator we make sure every aircraft in our fleet is always kept in compliance with FAA requirements.
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